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Taekwon-Do was devised, studied and completed by Gen. Choi Hong Hi of Korea and brought into the world as modern martial arts.

Gen. Choi Hong Hi had to practice Karate of Japan because Korea was under its colonial occupation for over 36 years. Korea was liberated from Japanese colonial rule in 1945. …

Gen. Choi Hong Hi


Dear Members,

I on behalf of the International Taekwon-Do Federation(ITF) would like to extend my heartfelt thanks and congratulations to all the Taekwon-Doists the world over who have been devoting themselves to the worldwide development and evolution of the original Taekwon-Do, the legacy of the late Gen. Choi Hong Hi, the Legendary Founder of Taekwon-Do and 1st ITF President.

tai President

Taekwon-do is a form of oriental martial art composed of diverse offensive and defensive movements, in which one’s hand and foot, are used as weapons.  It employs both graceful movements, powerful and quick techniques at once, thus is helpful for the balanced development of physical ability.  The practice of Taekwon-do also has the effect of increasing muscular power and of improving the functions of the heart and lungs.  All the movements of Taekwon-do require precision and speed at the same time.  Rhythmical change between strength and restraint is also needed in the performance of its techniques.

Dr.Grand Master Rajendran Balan



MASTER RACHANA CHOURASIA RAJENDRAN is a 7th Dan Black Belt.  She is an INTERNATIONAL MASTER INSTRUCTOR,  EXAMINER & UMPIRE.  She is the only 7th DAN BLACK BELT of South Asia and rank among, hardly less than 10 female high degree Black Belt holders of the World.   She has traveled to over 35 countries for training and participation and thus led the Indian team to many victories in the international arena.  She is one of the few instructors of the world who had the opportunity to train under the Founder & Father of Taekwon-do General Choi Hong Hi on many occasions. 


Agreement between International Taekwon-Do Federation & World Taekwon-do

An Agreement between ITF & WT was adopted on the 2nd November 2018 in Pyongyang, DPR of Korea following the bilateral consultations with regards to the integration between two Federations. 

Prof. Ri Yong Son, President of International Taekwon-Do Federation and Dr. Chungwon CHOUE, President of World Taekwon-do ratified the given Agreement.  The signing ceremony was honoured by the presence of Prof. GM. Hwang Ho Yong, Senior Vice-President, Mr. Kim Chol Gyu, Director of Finance & Administration and Mr. Choi Hyong Chol, Deputy

Chairman of  Finance & Market Standing 


The 100th Birthday Commemoration
of Gen. Choi Hong Hi



Welcome to Pyongyang !


The talks between the ITF President Prof. RI Yong Son and the WTF President Dr.
CHOUE Chungwon have taken place in the friendly atmosphere in Lausanne,
Switzerland on 3 May 2017.

On the basis of the common understandings that both sides are recognized as the
International bodies to govern the worldwide activities relating to the Taekwon-Do,
both Presidents profoundly shared the views and perspectives on the settlement and
further development of Taekwon-Do for the benefits of all Taekwon-Do
practitioners across the world.

Both Presidents determined to continue working together to achieve the final goals
in a near future, particularly for the progress of the works with IOC with regards to
the Olympic movements.
The meeting was attended by Prof. CHANG Ung, the IOC Member and Honorary
Life President of ITF and he paid a visit to the IOC President Dr. Thomas Bach
after the talks and won the great supports from him for the betterment of Taekwon-
Do issues.

International Seminar and Special Congress of the PTC in Argentina

Official PTC report

Having finished the special Congress of the PTC. And International Seminar in the cities of San Miguel de Tucuman and Buenos Aires- Argentina, which had theillustrious visits of the President of the ITF Prof. Master Ri Yong Son and the Chairman Thecnical Committee of ITF GM Hwang Ho Yong. …

final standing

Police officials and President of Nepal ITF  Sabum Anjan Dhamala as well as  Nepal ITF, executive committee members. The Championship was organized under the leadership of Nepal ITF executive Committee board member Mr, Prabhunarayan Shiwakoti