TAEKWON-DO was first introduced to INDIA by GRAND MASTER HIL CHOW when he was directed by GEN. CHOI HONG HI the Founder of Taekwon-do & President of ITF (International Taekwon-do Federation) to visit India in the year 1968. But Grand Master Hi Chow could not get support, he went back to Korea and later went to the USA and developed Taekwon-do there.

“Taekwon-do Association of India” (in short TAI) was born due to the entrance of ITF Taekwon-do to India in the year 1984 under the guidance of Grand Master Leong Wai Meng, 9th Dan Black Belt.  Till 1991, it was called as All India Taekwon-do Association (AITA) and was registered at Chennai, Tamil Nadu and the Chairman was Mr. Kothandaraman.  In 1989 when 

Grand Master Dr. Rajendran Balan who represented “Taekwon-do Federation of Delhi” as the affiliate of AITA wrote to the Founder of Taekwon-do Gen. Choi Hong Hi to visit India for giving a seminar to the students of India, as it was very difficult for any student to visit abroad to attend or meet the Founder of Taekwon-do. Hence, GM Dr. Rajendran wanted to give all Taekwondo students of India the opportunity to meet and learn from the Founder himself.  But unfortunately, due to bad influence of Mr. Kothandaraman by writing wrong about GM Dr. Rajendran and the city Delhi to the Founder, he stopped his visit in the last moment.

This infuriated all the members during the AITA National Congress meeting held at New Delhi in 1989 and Mr. Kothandaraman and his team were ousted by the affiliated members and ITF observer Grand Master Leong Wai Meng.  And GM Dr. Rajendran Balan was elected to the post of President of AITA.

GM Dr. Rajendran tried to shift AITA to New Delhi, but as Mr. Kothandaraman did not support and joined another IF.  Dr. Rajendran had to form a new National organization in 1991 which he named as Taekwon-do Association of India and registered the same in New Delhi.  GM Dr. Rajendran himself designed the TAI Logo and got it registered with ITF HQ.  And the Founder of Taekwon-do gave his authority to use ITF Logo solely to TAI under the president ship of GM Dr. Rajendran.

He was continuously elected to the post of the President of TAI, and he invited the Founder of Taekwon-do in 1993 and fulfilled the promise he made to all National Taekwon-do students.  This was the first and last visit of the Founder of Taekwon-do Gen. Choi Hong Hi to India.  In 1995 GM Dr. Rajendran Balan invited a Korean Instructor for one year for updating and teaching promotion of the latest techniques to the Indian students.  He agreed with Mr. Ramanaiah who was a member of TAI and who was representing Andhra Pradesh to arrange 6 months stay and boarding of the Korean Instructor in the South, so that it will be easy for all Southern students of Taekwon-do to learn at one place.  And 6 months at New Delhi for all Northern students.  The Korean Instructors training started first in New Delhi and after 6 months he was sent to Mr. Ramanaiah for arranging the training for all southern students.

But instead of taking advantage of the techniques of the Korean Instructor, he started Politics and influenced the Korean instructor to become the President of TAI.

This resulted in break up of the unity of TAI in all states and GM Dr. Rajendran had to complain to the Founder of Taekwon-do to call back the Korean Instructor from India.  Which he did.

This infuriated Mr. Ramanaiah, and he started bad politics by breaking TAI.  And he formed Bharat Taekwon-do Association (BTA) and started a parallel ITF organization.  GM Dr. Rajendran never wanted the ITF Taekwon-do to break into parts in India, hence requested Mr. Ramanaiah to have an election and will go by the decision of electorate.  In the meanwhile, the Nepal ITF Federation contacted GM Dr. Rajendran Balan to have a combined seminar of Nepal and India by the Founder of Taekwon-do at Kathmandu in 2000.  And GM Dr. Rajendran agreed to this and told Mr.  Ramanaiah to bring his supporters for the seminar in Kathmandu, where an election can be held in front of Gen.Choi Hong Hi the ITF President.

He agreed to this but had not much support from the affiliated states of TAI, and he had only 3 states including his own i.e Andhra, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.  But GM Dr. Rajendran was supported by rest of the states.

During the meeting when Gen. Choi found that GM Dr. Rajendran has support of majority members and Mr. Ramanaiah has none.  The Founder requested GM Dr. Rajendran that if he wants ITF to be one in India, he can give the post of President for 1 term to Mr. Ramanaiah.  GM Dr. Rajendran agreed to this and even though all the supporters of GM Dr. Rajendran objected, GM Dr. Rajendran voluntarily gave the post of President of TAI to Mr. Ramanaiah.  And also Dr. Rajendran in the National TAI Congress meeting at Panaji, Goa during the 2000 Nationals in December announced this to all members.

Unfortunately, after becoming the President of TAI, Mr. Ramanaiah started expelling all supporters of GM Dr. Rajendran from TAI.  This made all affiliate state of members of TAI to approach GM Dr. Rajendran to take over the TAI once again.  And a meeting was called where Mr. Ramanaiah was requested to attend, which he refused.  GM Dr. Rajendran then wrote to ITF President Gen.Choi Hong Hi to intervene.

Gen.Choi the ITF President immediately send GM Leong Wai Meng as ITF representative to sort out the matter.  An Extra Ordinary General body meeting was called by ITF at Ashoka Hotel, New Delhi at 9.00am on 21.05.2002 and requested Mr. Ramaniah and his group to attend the meeting.  The meeting was attended by all affiliated state members, even the supporters of Mr. Ramanaiah – Kerala.  But Mr. Ramanaiah and Mr. D.V.V.Prasad refused to attend the meeting and hence a “NO CONFIDENCE MOTION” was moved against Mr. B.V. Ramanaiah and Mr. D.V.V.Prasad and send them notice to attend the next Extra Ordinary meeting  which was held again with the ITF representative Dr. GM Leong Wai Meng at the same venue on 8th August 2002.  Again Mr. Ramanaiah and his group did not participate eventhough he committed to be there.  The meeting was attended by all the state representatives and an election was held and Dr. Rajendran Balan was elected as the President of TAI.  Hence, ITF re-established GM Dr. Rajendran as the TAI  President.

After this Mr. Ramanaiah and his deputy Mr. D.V.V. Prasad as Secretary started running both TAI & BTA together and started selling Black Belt certificates and colour belt certificates to poor ignorant students of Andhra Pradesh.  Numerous oral and written instructions from TAI & ITF did not deter them from doing this.

When TAI started receiving innumerable complaints from state representatives, a General body meeting was called on 26th DECEMBER 2004 at Rajiv Gandhi Sports Complex, Bangalore where the matter was put up in the agenda to expel both Mr. Ramanaiah and Mr. D.V.V. Prasad  from TAI.  The same was unanimously accepted and passed by the General Body.

Today TAI has developed into a nationwide organization of Taekwon-do with 22 state associations/union territories and about 300 thousand practitioners affiliated to itself under the able Chairmanship of GM Dr. Rajendran Balan, Advocate, President of TAI. 

TAI conducted upto now the following events till date and continue to work for the benefit of the masses of their health.

Besides the above Championships, numerous self defense camps and workshops all over India for strengthening the physical ability of the citizens of India was conducted and being conducted by TAI.













Besides the above Championships, numerous self defense camps and workshops all over India for strengthening the physical ability of the citizens of India was conducted and being conducted by TAI.